The cold spot in my house

It was our anniversary, 10th one to be exact. I surprised my husband with a reservation at a popular, expensive, fancy restaurant. He dressed up in his slacks and long-sleeved dress shirt and I wore my brand new sleeveless dress with my cute black high heels. I suggested he change his shirt to something more comfortable because it was so hot outside. He said he was fine. I on the other hand worried that I would be too cold but I didn’t have a sweater that matched my new dress. Yes, I could have changed my dress but I didn’t want to, it was brand new! We got to the restaurant and thanks to the reservations I made, we got seated immediately. It was a nice quiet booth in the back. It was almost perfect. The booth sat right under an AC vent. The vent was so big that no matter which side of the booth I sat on, I was freezing. My husband didn’t bring his suit jacket and he ran out to the car to see if I left any of mine in the back seat or trunk. He came back with a sad look on his face. I assured him I would survive. I did ask the server if there was anything he could do about the cold temperatures at this booth. He said there wasn’t and there weren’t any available seats elsewhere. The restaurant was so packed that I am sure the air conditioner stayed on in that place the whole evening. The body heat of all the people in there kept the room temperatures up for sure. However, their perfectly working HVAC system kept some spots in there just above freezing. Lesson learned, always keep a sweater in the car.

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