I have fond memories

I have lived in Detroit my entire life and I have learned a few things in my time about staying safe. As many people know, Detroit has a rather high crime rate driven mb economic hardship that is felt throughout the city. Many people have moved away, but for some of us, it’s a matter of pride that keeps us here. This is our city and we can turn it around if we try hard enough. That being said, you have to take certain precautions to keep us and our loved ones safe out there.

          For instance, regardless if you rent an apartment or own a home, be sure to have a proper security system installed by a reputable security service. I’ve heard too many stories about homes, apartments, garages, etc. being burglarized only to find out that there was nothing other than a locked door to deter criminals from claiming their prize. Oftentimes simply having a security alarm signaled by an open door or window is enough to send burglars running. Of course, it’s nice to add all the little features like video surveillance and automated locks, but in this economy who has the resources for all of the bells and whistles? For those with the budget for it, a security service that monitors your home is a great option. In cases where the alarm is tripped, they will call and ask for a password to verify everything is alright. If they don’t confirm the password, then a call is placed immediately to 911 to dispatch the police.

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