I want a workout room

I hate living in a tiny apartment. My rent is cheap and the location is amazing. The issue is that I have no space to work out. I work out everyday and I have a whole series of things I like to do. I need length, width and height for my work out room. In a small apartment, I have very few options. I would like to work out inside with the air conditioning on. With AC, I can work out longer and harder. I also don’t get so sweaty and my skin stays clear then. But, if I work out inside I have to do it in my living room. I have to move the couch, TV and recliner to make room. Even doing that, the room is pitiful and I can’t do all my stuff. So, I usually get stuck working out in the grass and in the hot sun. Not having AC is rough during a workout. Having direct sunlight pouring down on your is even more rough. Even working out bright and early, the temperatures reach to around 90 degrees. 90 degree with no AC is almost like a torture chamber. I am also squatting, doing abs and pushups in the hot sun. I can only do my work out for around 40 minutes. I would prefer to do an hour of constant work. But, without the proper cooling equipment, how can I expect to last? The sweat runs in my eyes and I start slipping due to how wet I get. I really want to get a bigger place, have a work out room and set up quality AC in there.

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