An old thermostat

My dearest friend in the world is in an assisted living center. She is like a mother to me and I would do anything for her at any given time. It has been really hard to watch her get older over the years, but worse lately as her health declines faster as each day passes. You hear about how our bodies change as we ourselves age, but no one tells you about the little details. While not necessarily menopause, they go through extreme temperature changes throughout the entire day. Their medications play a big role in this temperature adjustment. Apparently, some of their basic meds can turn them into one big hot flash. But, the bigger complaint are the meds that run them into one big ice box. It is a window into a world that I am not looking forward to in any way as I age. I asked the nurse a little more about it, to better understand her health and current situation. I was so surprised to hear that they have a list of all their patients meds and reactions. Each room has been set up by the local HVAC company with the Zone Control Heating and Cooling. It allows the nurses to program all of their thermostats to the most comfortable temperatures based off of their medications. It really is amazing, they could even adjust it from the lead nurse manager’s cell phone. The HVAC company is constantly watching over the entire system with regular maintenance. It really is the most amazing technology in heating and cooling!

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