Finding something more efficient

I have been in business for about four years now as a personal trainer. I am now at the point where I want to have my own physical location to grow my business even farther. I am considering buying land and building a new structure, or finding a building that I could renovate and turn into a training space. Thus far I am leaning toward the first option. I know I could get exactly what I need to at least get started taking more clients for the least amount of money and the shortest amount of time with that option. I could have a simple facility up and running in a matter of weeks with just a basic structure, concrete flooring, nothing fancy. I would have to make sure I have a good HVAC system because the weather here can range from ninety degrees in the summer to below zero in winter. I would like to have both A/C and heating to keep my clients comfortable all year long. Depending on the land, however, I could potentially cool the space with a natural breeze for a while and then install a forced air HVAC system at a later time. Although, I do plan to have concrete flooring, and I know I want to look into the radiant heating system. I think it might be enough to heat the entire building and then I don’t need any ductwork. I have also heard this type of heating is more efficient and therefore keeps utilities low. I think it’s worth looking into for sure.

cooling unit