A portable wood heater

Autumn time in our town is always full of anticipation and excitement for college football. We live in a town with a top tier football team, so the school colors are displayed all over the place. Ironically, my alma mater was the rival college of our town, so I usually catch a lot of grief from our friends during the season. This is especially true in November when our teams usually play each other. My wife and I traditionally host a big party in our garage and have all our neighborhood friends over. Our garage is set up as a party lounge with a large television. This year we set up a couple portable oil heaters to keep the garage warm. Since people come and go often, the garage door is open and we sit around in the chilly air for the game. We love the cold early winter air this time of year, and the little oil heaters are a welcome addition to the garage. We also back the cars up and set up a portable wood burning fireplace so we can stay toasty out in the front of the house. We have a two car garage, and the two oil heaters we have are more than sufficient to keep the whole group of us warm during the game. When the sun goes down the temperature drops significantly, and we usually get a good blaze going in the wood burning fireplace. It is a truly great time of year with friends and we all stay nice and cozy in the cold winter air.

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