We are enjoying the efficiency

The rental house is a sweet deal-never need to use any heating or air. I have the sweetest renting situation in the world. I lucked out with renting the upstairs floor of this little old lady’s house. She definitely does need the money and just wants company. My rent is dirt cheap. All I do have to pay for is any water, electric and HVAC related expense. I have my own separate bathroom and HVAC unit. The funny thing is though, I don’t even need to run my HVAC equipment. In the Summer, the lady runs her air conditioner so much that I can even feel the AC upstairs. Also, she is lonely and wants company. So I hang out in the kitchen, get a free meal and enjoy the AC. The lady gets company and I get spoiled. So it is a win win for the both of us. In the Winter, the amount of heating she pumps out is almost too much. Heat rises, so that hot air produced by her furnace is overwhelming. The downstairs is around 80 degrees. I swear my apartment gets up to 90 degrees. I leave the windows open upstairs and I still sweat to death all night long. So with no heating or AC needs, I only pay for the little bit of electric and water I use. The old lady is such a sweetheart and I live right next to my work. Sometimes, in order to save more money, I just ride my bike to work. I feel so efficient and smart with my expenses. I think I will live with this woman another year because of how well it is going.

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