This store is filthy

I don’t know how my town’s grocery store passes any sort of health inspection. The store is dirty, it is downright shocking. The dust coats all of the products on the shelves. After shopping and touching them, your hands turn black. The floor is coated in a layer of grime and old dirt. The ceiling has webs hanging down and spiders hanging out in the corners. The worst is probably the HVAC unit in the store. The grocery store should really not showcase their dirty HVAC unit. As far as I know, the store has always had that one HVAC system. The HVAC system has also never been cleaned. It is a giant metal box that is hidden in pounds of dust. At one point, the HVAC technology must have been white. The HVAC device is now solid black and the vents have dust and webs hanging out of it. Just looking at the heating and cooling system makes me sick. The store uses that dirty device to provide AC in the Summer and heating in the Winter. Those pounds of dirt go in the air quality. Then the shoppers hang out in the dirtiest store of all time and inhale the worst indoor air quality of all time. How has a health standard not been red flagged with this? Do they just put a sheet over the HVAC and hide it? No sane person would look at that disgusting HVAC device and deem it safe for the public. Also even say it is safe for the HVAC to turn on.

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