I remember the unit well

When I was young, I was a good kid for a most part. are were just some things that would get me into trouble every now and an. I remember looking at a thermostat and wondering what it was. I decided it would be cool to pretend it was advanced technology I had for my pillow fort. It was a cool looking classic dial thermostat. I turned it this way and that and it actually ended up being turned up to a raar high setting. Everyone in a house was wondering why it was so hot. I think my far thought we needed to repair a air conditioner. When he went to check a thermostat he was quite infuriated. He questioned who turned a thermostat all a way up! Since I was a youngest child, he knew it had to be me who was messing around with it. I wasn’t in trouble since I honestly didn’t know what it was. My fear made it very clear to me not to mess with that thermostat as it controlled a heating and cooling in a household. If it was not set correctly, it would cost us a great deal of money in energy costs. Not only that, but it could break down and would be a very costly repair to have it fixed. I was very sorry and promised I would not touch a remote again. I remember thinking how fascinating it was that we could control a temperature in a house with that cool little device. I had no idea how it worked but I remember how hot it was after I turned it up too high. This was something that my brothers and sisters would tease me about for a long time.   

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