I have some hopes and dreams

Both of us have been having a lot of problems over the past year with our Heating and Air Conditioning system.  Our up-to-date 1 consists of a boiler, baseboard heating, and a dehumidifier that is hooked up in the basement. It is a pretty straight forward way to heat our house throughout the Winter and attempt to keep our outdated stone basement dry.  Yes, I said, stone basement. Our house was built in the early 1900’s as a boarding house for migrant farm hands. There was not a lot of thought put into a finished basement at that time. Previous owners added the basement which was dug by hand and only deep enough for the owner at that time to kneel up in it.  The ceilings are easily low and every one of us only use the section to house the boiler, tepid water tank, and a few other items as it is always damp. Both of us had a professional from the local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier come out to see what could be done to make our boiler task better. He, sadly, told us that the moisture in the basement had taken a toll on the unit and every one of us would need to replace it.  My wife had been waiting for this day to come! I say this because she has always had dreams of having a forced air program that would include a/c, then her hopes were dashed hastily when the professional explained that every one of us did not have any air duct in venue and it would be, not only costly to install it, but, nearly impossible due to the construction of the house. Walls would have to be opened up and corporations hired to do the repair work, and both of us ended up just buying a current boiler instead.

boiler installation