A big house and big bills

Most people think that large houses are the end goal for most people. For example, many people love to talk about all of the pros of having that big house. All of those massive rooms to have tons of beds and televisions. People also think about the movie room area where there are tons of chairs and room to lay out and watch the newest movies. Being a owner of a big house however, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. It’s expensive to keep a big house heated and cooled! Two and three bedroom houses can stay perfectly comfortable with only one heating and cooling unit installed. When you live in a house that has five and six bedrooms plus multiple bathrooms, that is pretty much impossible. With houses this size, you must have at least two or three heating and cooling units in order to maintain a constant temperature throughout. My wife and I found the answer so was to install multiple HVAC zone controls. These additional thermostats work to set the heating and cooling levels for each room they are in. By placing these both in problematic rooms and rooms we only use for guests, we’re able to close these rooms and not heat or cool them when they’re empty. By being able to choose how much of the house gets heating and cooling at any given time, my wife and I save lots of money on our utility bills.

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