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I love weddings, but I like the indoor weddings even better. Outdoor weddings don’t make a whole lot of sense to because of the state I live in. I live in a state where it is still in the eighties during Christmas time. I have gone to quite a few weddings that were held outside and I wasn’t able to stay all the way through because I got so hot. I hated having to leave, but they should have had it somewhere with a HVAC system. I love going to indoor weddings because I am always comfortable, sometimes I am a little warm but it never last very long. Indoor weddings are almost always followed by an indoor reception which is always best in my opinion. I don’t trust food that has been sitting out without a HVAC system to keep the temperature where it is supposed to be. I have already decided that I want both my wedding and the reception inside somewhere, though I am not sure where yet. I want to make sure that not only are my guest comfortable, but I am as well. I know that if I am too hot any make-up I wear will start to run and I will be sweating really bad. I want to make sure everyone stays and doesn’t leave because they are too hot. I have told all my friends who have recently gotten engaged that they should have their weddings indoors with a working HVAC system they can trust.

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