Messing with some HVAC systems


When I was a child, I was a good kid, mostly. are were only some things that could get myself and oars into trouble, every now & an. However, I remember staring at a temperature control & wondering what it could be. I decided it might be cool to pretend it had been an advanced technology that I had for our pillow fort. It had been a cool looking classic dial temperature control. I turned it one way & back & it really turned out to be turned up to a very high setting! Everyone in that lake house was wondering why it had become so hot. I suppose our dad thought ay needed to maintenance a air conditioner, and when he went to investigate a temperature control he was quite infuriated. He questioned who bumped a temperature control all the way up! Since I was a youngest kid, he knew it was myself who had been messing around with it. I was not in trouble, since I actually did not suppose what it was, even though my dad made it really clear to myself and oars not to tamper with that temperature control as it adjusted a heating & cooling in a household. If it wasn’t set always, it may cost us a good deal of cash in electric costs. Not only that, however, but it would break down & would be a really costly maintenance to have it repaired. I was very sorry & promised I would never touch a temperature control again. I remember thinking how amazing it was that a 2 of us could control that temperature in a lake house with that cool device. I had no idea how it functioned, however, I remember how tepid it was after I switched it up too high. That was something that my sisters would tease me about, all a time.   

temperature control unit