It’s time to test this theory

Times we live in there are so many different ways to heat and cool our homes. There are many different HVAC methods that have previously been used in apartment complexes such as furnace, systems boilers, and electric baseboard heating. While these methods continue to be effective in this atmosphere, some contractors are beginning to use more modern methods in the design of their buildings. One of the most popular new ways to heat apartment complexes are hydronic floors. A hydronic floor heating system is a system in which there is pipework set in the concrete below the floor. Water is superheated by a tankless hot water heater and then pumped through the pipework within the floor. The water heats the pipes as it runs through and in turn heats the concrete surrounding them. This creates a radiant heating method throughout the entire floor. This HVAC is so popular because it heats from the floor up. Due to the nature of this HVAC method it also Heats more evenly than any other HVAC method. The only problem has been that this type of HVAC method needs to be installed in the building during its construction. Since it is set directly into the concrete if there are issues that require maintenance obviously it can be quite tricky. These type of issues are rare and most people that have hydronic floors recommend them to everyone. Being an HVAC contractor myself I to recommend a hydronic floor system to whomever can afford to install the system. If combined with a smart thermostat the hydronic system will actually pay for itself and the energy savings in no time.