The indoor air does feel good

Living in the sunny South can be great if you like the sun.  But, if you are more of a rainy day person, I don’t recommend it.  I moved here some years ago like many of my northern brethren, finishing up a career and went to the sun.  It was a bonus round move on my part. I found a small house in a small town. This worked perfectly for me at first.  Then, I started slowing down a bit and wasn’t enjoying the outdoors as much. That turn of events also had a debilitating effect on my psyche.  So, I built a sunroom. Another master stroke idea, if I do say so myself. The only drawback is no HVAC in my sunroom. There is a definite chill in the winter but, the summer is almost too hot to enjoy the sunroom.  I can’t afford to extend the HVAC ductwork out into the sunroom. Calling my local HVAC company for options was the right move. A very nice heating and cooling expert came to my home to help me choose the correct option.  He showed me an HVAC model I had never seen before. The mini-split heating and cooling unit is a ductless alternative which provides excellent temperature control. However, the mini split was a bit more expensive than my budget could handle.  I chose, instead, to purchase a modern portable A/C unit. The portable A/C will be effective and I can move it around to accommodate my needs in the sunroom. I will continue to knock the chill off the sunroom in the winter with my handy space heater.  Yet, I will begin saving for the mini-split heating and cooling unit. The older I get, the less I am going to want to deal with the hassle of the portable unit. Plus, I love the idea of lounging in my sunroom with the remote thermostat to the mini split HVAC in my hand.