I need to finalize things

Each time I walk into the garage or around the perimeter of my house, I say a prayer.  My HVAC is getting seriously antiquated. But, I need one more full year of service before I can afford to replace it.  I have been saving for the past 3 years for a new heating and cooling unit. I just need to limp by one more year. The HVAC tech was out to do one of the semi annual maintenance calls.  I asked her if she thought the HVAC unit would hold up for another year. She grinned, but was totally non-committal. Who could blame her? I just needed some hollow assurance the old HVAC would stagger through another year.  The heating and cooling pro did state that while one year of service was possible, anymore would be unreasonable. Looking for further hollow assurance, I hit the internet. Probably a bad idea but I simply couldn’t help myself.  I checked for signs of imminent HVAC failure. Higher energy bills was on the list and that is certainly the case in my situation. The HVAC shaking was listed as a sure sign. I went outside to watch my condenser unit. Surely, that had to be a weird sight as I was poised to notice anything irregular.  Passed that one, thankfully. Our HVAC appears to run more than I remember, but is not running constantly, which is a bad sign. The HVAC hasn’t tripped the breaker or produced any loud noises so, that is a good sign. Finally, my trooper of an HVAC unit has always turned when prompted. So, maybe the heating and cooling unit will make it another year.  But, I’m still offering up the prayers to be safe.

HVAC maintenance