I forgot some of the details

Ever have that feeling that you are just doing it wrong?  This feeling can get in my brain and make me question the processes by which I live.  I am now even muting the commercials on TV. It’s as though I’m being told how stupid I am for not already owning whatever product is being pitched.  This paradigm spills over to household components as well. I often wonder if I am doing the right thing by all my appliances. I have nothing more than a basic understanding of how stuff works, so I feel I might be missing something.  As usual, the internet comes to the rescue. I spent an hour or two getting a relative consensus on what not to do concerning the HVAC system. First on the list is neglecting the air filter. The HVAC air filter should be changed each month.  This is the way the HVAC breathes, so it needs regular replacements. The air flow theme continues. Be certain all of the vents and returns are open and unobstructed by toys, plants or furniture. Another big no no is misuse of the thermostat.  Come up with a temperature range and stick to it. Starting and stopping the HVAC not only eats energy, but it puts added strain on the HVAC. A great way to prevent the thermostat from getting jerked all over the map is the smart thermostat. Not only will it consistently and efficiently regulate the temperature in the house, it will stop the temp dial overuse through programming.  Most importantly, though, is being sure the HVAC system is receiving the seasonal maintenance it needs. The preventive maintenance needs to happen a minimum of twice per annum. Having compiled this little list, I feel so much better about what I can do for my HVAC longevity. And, I feel less like I’m doing it wrong.

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