The air duct is an issue

When I decide to attend conventions along the east coast, my favorite way to travel is always by train. See, I’m a vendor for custom jewelry and clothing, and I’m known for doing adjustments and touch-ups on the spot. I have customers who will come to see me years later with the same jewelry they love, and only require a little touch-up. I do it all for free, which encourages them to buy something new while they wait. However, these services are difficult to provide if I travel by plan. Airport security restricts a lot of what I can bring, as my various jewerly pliars,  metal shears, sewing scissor, and needles don’t go well with airport security. But the train has none of these issues–I can even travel with a full bottle of wine so I don’t have to pay for alcohol at the hotel. And unlike the plane, the train is always comfortable. Trains have full heating and cooling, unlike planes where I’m always just cold or sweating. I love that I can spend the ride in the business car–which costs no more than the standard tickets, but is quiet for those who are getting work done. The HVAC systems on the trains are always nice and cozy in the winter, and cool and comfortable in summer. I love having the option to take the train when I can, being able to take my full kit and never worry about poor indoor air quality is incredible. With trains costing so much less than a plane, I don’t understand why more people don’t do it.

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