I think that’s fine

My job calls me out of town on business trips all of the time. In some ways, I enjoy the challenge. However, after a while the sudden need to drop everything, back a bag, and fly across the country gets tiresome. This latest trip robbed my husband and I of spending my birthday together. I hadn’t taken the day off of work, because we were going to spend that Saturday together which I always have off. But because I didn’t block it out of the schedule, I had to go to the major marketing meeting at company headquarters in Wisconsin. I was absolutely livid, but it was my job and I had to go. I will give my company credit, they put us up in a nice hotel with great heating and cooling. My hotel room thermostat could be adjusted to whatever setting I wanted. When I flew home the following Monday, I was exhausted. My son was there to pick me up at the airport, since my husband was busy working he said. I found that odd, as he was supposed to have this Monday off, but maybe the call-ins were going around. When I came home, I found the backyard dug up and a team of men hard at work. My son just smiled and ushered me inside, where my husband was waiting with a cake and the schematic for a heated pool! He said it would take at least a week to finish, but they would be able to connect it to our gas boiler, so the new heated pool was actually going in faster than expected. I couldn’t believe he had been so thoughtful to get me the pool I’d always wanted. My son just laughed and said I must be jet lagged, because I was crying.

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