The classroom is facing the sun

I swear, we have the stupidest people working down in our local school. Anytime I think the school is done making stupid decisions, they do another one. The school has built their track in a flood zone three years in a row. Every year the track gets flooded, ruined, and has to be ripped up. The newest bright idea is a science wing in the school. The school paid tons of money to erect a new building for science and forgot to put A/C in it. We do not have brilliant future scientists either. The school has seen a decrease in the amount of students too. That is not the worst part of the new building though. The idiots set up the building with tons of windows, had it face the sun, and provided no A/C. When the sun peaks in the sky and is the hottest, that is where the windows are. The new building does not have any air conditioning to combat this type of heating. So the students are being roasted alive with no A/C relief. The sun comes in through the hot windows and creates a glare in the classrooms as well. The teachers have to tape paper all over the windows to hide the sun. Even doing that, it is still a hot box. The lack of air conditioning in that particular section of the school is going to be a problem. They should not have done the new building and installed A/C in better areas of the school. The gym, computer lab, and auditorium really could have used it.

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