Ductless heating equipment

When my fiance and I put an addition on our home, we needed to figure out a way to handle year round temperature control.  All of us live in an part with multiple distinctive seasons, and most of the time, we need to run either the furnace or the air conditioning.  Our condo is equipped with a forced air method that relies on air duct linked to registers in all of the rooms. All of us were reluctant to extend to air duct because of area requirements, cost and mess.  All of us also doubted that the existing heating and cooling component could handle the additional square footage. All of us needed a compact yet powerful method which wouldn’t cost a fortune to install. After some research, we came across the perfect solution in a ductless heat pump.  The method is super small, lightweight, and the upgrade was completed in a single day. There is an outdoor compressor which is linked to an indoor air handler through a conduit. Because of the long length of the conduit, there was quite a bit flexibility in mounting location. The indoor air handler is mounted up high on the wall and operated with a cordless remote.  It switches seamlessly between heating and cooling, and can undoubtedly suddenly raise or lower temperature in the room. The ductless heat pump is harshly energy efficient, which keeps our quarterly costs low. The method also features multi-stage filtration which improves air quality and keeps the new room cleaner. I love that we can program the ductless heat pump to start up and shut down when necessary, which further trims energy usage.