These air ducts are what we wanted

When my wife and I first moved out of our apartment, we moved into an older fixer-upper that needed quite a bit of fixing up! The house had hideous wallpaper that was dated in the nineties, and carpet that was torn up in several rooms of this quaint little cottage. Aesthetics aside, the house also had a heating and air conditioning system that was terribly in need of service! We were fortunate to have this incredibly reliable HVAC service technician come and inspect our system, as they were able to pinpoint where our troubles began and ended with our entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The first and most pressing matter was, of course, the air conditioning system itself. It was mid-July by then, and living in the south meant that going more than a week without excellent air conditioning was no way to live at all! The HVAC technician had managed to localize the issues with our air conditioner to a cracked air compressor, which is the component used to compress refrigerant before creating cool air for the system to spread inside the house. Since the technician had to replace the compressor entirely, it wasn’t a very cheap repair. Fortunately for us, the technician said we can finance the repairs, so we don’t have to pay all at once for the repairs. That really helped me relax, especially since the air compressor replacement immediately allowed the system to create much cooler air for the house! We were thrilled to have cool air once again, but now we needed to work on the air quality of the home. The technician explained that the next repair we should look into completing is a thorough renovation of the ductwork – we’ll see about that when we finish paying for the compressor replacement!

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