We’re solving all our issues

I came home yesterday and opened my front door to find a furnace inside.  My air conditioner was not working. Great. Another bill that I don’t have money for.  So I called my dad and he came over. He started to try and remove the air conditioner cage but I couldn’t find the key.  We had placed a locked cage around the air unit to provide protection against a robbery. The bad guys aren’t getting my air conditioning equipment!  Unfortunately, though, neither can we. After a few minutes of panic, I found the key. We open the cage but I’m not sure what I am hoping for at this   very. We be since my father knows nothing about air conditioning equipment. But he always wants to help his little , a  girl, so there he was inspecting a machine that is totally foreign to him.  He is an auto mechanic, so of course, he feels he can fix anything. With his auto tools in hand, he sets out to remove parts.  We can’t see anything wrong and don’t know if we are anywhere near the problem, but he’s taking it apart anyway. He knows I don’t have repair or service money and I’m growing more concerned by the moment but he’s just trying to be a good dad.  After a few more screws and bolts removed with no indication of a problem, I kindly ask my dad to find a licensed HVAC technician to call. I know he wants to save money also, but I remind him of all the cars he had to fix that were “fixed” by the owners before he saw them and that was all it took.  He called an HVAC business immediately and they came out to inspect and service my air conditioner by the end of the day and his little girl was cool again.

HVAC maintenance