I want my house perfect

Being born and raised in a southern area was a privilege and a curse. I was lucky enough to never deal with shoveling snow from my driveway or making sure I had enough layers onto bare me from the cold. My only concerns were how badly did I get sun burnt or did I have enough cash in my wallet to buy a chocolate éclair from the local ice cream truck. The best part about the heat is if you ever needed to cool off, a swimming pool was never too far away. Though I could enjoy what felt like summer every day, the days that reached 100 degrees or more were the most challenging ones. Due to the high temperatures of the south my HVAC system was constantly trying to keep my home cool throughout the year. This constant use of our air conditioner brought my family and I into one of the worst situations anyone in the south must face, no air conditioning. It is said that an air conditioner has a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years, but it seemed as if we had a HVAC technician in our house at least once a year. Not only would our HVAC system seem to last us only 4- 6 years at most, the few times our heater could be put to use, our furnace would have a problem as well. Thanks to one of the HVAC technicians we hired, we were recommended a different air conditioner that was better built for the southern heat. Since then we haven’t had to hire anywhere near the amount of HVAC technicians as before and have had both cooling and heating whenever it’s been needed.

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