I was happy with that

My friend Terry got us concert tickets for tonight and I am totally stoked for it! It’s my favorite band and they are playing outside on a stage by the lake so it should be really amazing. I mean, they are amazing no matter where I hear them play, but hearing them live outside by a lake at sunset should be really fantastic! The only thing I’m really concerned about tonight is the temperature. The weather has been really hot around here recently, and today it’s been no exception at all. The temperature was in the high 90s all afternoon, and it’s barely begun to cool off and now it’s only about an hour and a half until the concert. I’m hoping that we can stay in the car in the cool air conditioning for as long as possible, but we’re still going to have to walk pretty far to get to the outside stage. I’m really hoping that there’s some shade around there somewhere, or even better, that there’s a couple of big tents with some portable air conditioning systems blowing cool air around inside of them! I love outdoor concerts. It seems like music just always sounds better when you’re outside in the fresh air. But I like outdoor festivals best in the fall when the temperatures outside start to cool off and you’re not quite so dependent on air conditioning. I would almost rather it be too cold outside than too hot. That way the festival coordinators could put out little space heaters and fireplaces in order to keep everyone warm.

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