I do everything I can to save energy

About a year ago, I was fortunate enough to arrange my schedule so I could work entirely from home.  I no longer need to set an early morning alarm, dress in business-casual attire, and drive to the office.  I am not forced to keep rigid hours, report to a boss, or deal with co-workers. Setting my own schedule, dressing in sweatpants and drinking hot tea helps me to be more productive.  I have, however, needed to make some changes to my home to accommodate my workspace. Once I started working from home, I could no longer shut down the furnace or air conditioner all day to conserve energy.  Instead, I was maintaining the entire house at the ideal temperature all day long. This was costing a fortune in utility bills. Since I was entirely contained in my office, I was unnecessarily wasting a huge amount of energy.  I spoke with a local HVAC contractor and he recommended that I upgrade my heating and cooling system to zone control. The HVAC contractor installed a series of dampers within the ductwork to customize the supply of airflow and allow me room-by-room control.  There is now an independent thermostat in each room. I can set the temperature in my office without impacting the rest of the house. I further invested in a wifi thermostat which is linked to my smartphone, giving me remote access. I’m not forced to get up from my desk every time I want to make an adjustment.  These upgrades have not only saved me a tremendous amount of money, but greatly improved my comfort.

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