I can’t believe this

I just got back from vacation. I took eight days to go on a medical tourism trip, and it was really great. It was a great adventure as well as a chance to get my dental work done for one-third the cost of getting it done in our country. There was only one bad thing about my vacation. The country I visited does not have air conditioning in many places. In this country, no business would dare try to operate with a/c, but when I was on vacation, I learned that is not true everywhere else. I went to several shops that kept their doors open and used ceiling fans and box fans. One restaurant I went to also did not have air conditioning. The building hat built-in ways of staying cooler, such as shade, doors that created a cross breeze, and ceiling fans. It was not exactly delightful, but it wasn’t the end of the world either. Some places used mini split air conditioners; they were very common. The house I rented hat mini split a/c in the bedrooms, so I spent a lot of time in the bedroom! I also went in the swimming pool, stayed wet, and sat under the ceiling fans, which was a great way to stay cool even without a/c. I learned, once again, that we are very fortunate and blessed. I also learned that although it is not a marvelous feeling to be without a/c, it is still, nonetheless, possible to survive without it.

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