We are getting out of here

There are certain times in life when we appreciate our circumstances more than other times. For example, when women are expecting a child, they often feel quite blessed to have such a joyous event happening in their lives. Also, when you get a new job and discover that you are making a better salary, you might find yourself grateful. There have been many such times in my life, and even when things are not necessarily going well, I try to remain grateful for what I have and enjoy. One such occasion happened a few years back. A few years ago, I found myself feeling quite ill. I was sore all over and felt listless and lacked energy. Then, I got worse. I started feeling unusual flutters in my heart and ran intermittent fevers. Finally, I was feeling so sick that I was forced to go in the hospital for tests. While I was there, I felt so hot all the time. That is when I became grateful for simple things like ice chips and air conditioning. I was in the ICU, so therefore, I hat full control over my air conditioning unit. I took advantage of that a/c, too, because it seemed like not matter what I did, I was always hot and sweaty. When the nurses would come in to check on me, they were shocked at how low the thermostat was reading and how strong the a/c was blasting. Some of the more hot-natured staff of the hospital would come in my room just to get a minute of the cool a/c. I was very thankful that I was able to have my own a/c because it helped me feel better and helped me get visitors.

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