I am happy about all of this

The start of the university year is always a fun time, and my roommates & I always try to get similar schedules so the two of us could all be able to see one another as much as possible & not be home alone… This being our last year led us to having absolutely little control over that. My roommate Alexis & I were consistently on top of things in the apartment; Whether it be taking out the trash, turning off the lights, or even putting away the dishes! Unfortunately, our roommate Elle wasn’t as on top of things. The one thing Elle always did was leave the a/c on super low so the apartment was cooling even more while the two of us weren’t there. The two of us decided to write a note on the door that the two of us could all see before leaving the apartment to remind us to raise the a/c before leaving the apartment if the two of us were ever the last one home. This never worked on Elle’s behalf, and alexis & I were looking into a smart control device that could absolutely be controlled from your mobile component to either control the a/c or even the heating system within the apartment. This would be a great way for us to monitor our Heating & A/C plan throughout the day & maybe even lower our quarterly payments of a/c… Since we’ve installed this smart control device the two of us haven’t had to deal with any fight with Elle, that would just cause us to feel frustrated with the fact she couldn’t press one button to keep our apartment from cooling when it wasn’t needed, but also saved us a lot of money.

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