Some tips to save on energy

My dad can’t seem to get that I will never be a hunter. Every hunting season my dad tries to entice me to join him. To hunt with my father you need to first bathe in unscented soaps and shampoos. Next you need to get up super early and drive to his farms to hunt. It is the middle of the night and is pitch black. Next you set up in the cold, wet snow with your gun and sit there without talking. There is no bathroom, heating or coffee breaks either. After sitting in the dark, cold for hours, you might see an animal. Your reward for sitting in the snow without a heater is that you might get to kill something. How fun is that? After you kill the animal, what do you do with it? I won’t eat the meat or want the hide. So it was totally wasted in my opinion. I also really hate being cold. The whole time I sit in the snow with my gun I am just waiting to be done. My dad has a shed on his farm that is heated by generators. He keeps a little electric heater set up in there. After hunting we are allowed to use the bathroom, have coffee and get heated up by his electric heating system. That honestly is the best part of the trip. We could get up at a normal time, not kill anything and hang out in his shed. I would totally prefer doing that over the whole hunting thing.

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