This promotion went a long way

I work at a gymnastics studio that is in the basement of a grocery store. The grocery store is the one that pays the electric, water, heating and cooling. At the gymnastic studio, we just pay rent. It is really nice since if there is a major plumbing or HVAC repair, I just call the store manager to do it. Yesterday we experienced something odd at the studio. I was working with another gymnastics instructor, Sherry, and we both noticed a weird smell. It smelled like burnt hair. Sherry was worried that something was on fire and was going around our studio smelling every corner. I immediately knew what the source of the stink was. I went into the closet in our studio that holds the boiler. The boiler had turned on when it was not supposed to. Since it is the summer and the boiler had been gathering dust, it was heating gross air. That is why the whole studio smelled like old hair. The boiler was heating a bunch of dust. Sherry and I knew something was wrong. The boiler should not have been on in our studio. It is the middle of summer and one of the hottest days of the summer. Have you ever heard of a boiler system just turning on randomly? Perhaps an employee upstairs bumped the thermostat. Sherry and I decided to let the heating issue go. We would report the heater issue if it did it again the next time we worked. So hopefully it was a one time deal.

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