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My town has one grocery store and it is horrible. The store is way overpriced since it has no competition. It also is the dirtiest place in the world. I have no idea how it passes health regulations. There is dust laying on the shelves and the floors.  Even the produce section is covered in grime. The worst is seeing the HVAC system covered in dust. If you go to the back registers of the store you can see the large HVAC unit. The heating and cooling system sticks out of the wall significantly. It basically is a large shelf ready to hold pounds of dust. The dust then gets into the heating and air conditioning. The HVAC turns on, then the dust is blown around the store. The indoor air quality is horrible and bad for the customers, employees and food in the store. How do they get away with not at least cleaning the HVAC equipment? I get that the floors being dirty is okay. Dust on the shelves is not good, but if the items are boxed, it is alright. But the HVAC device is linked with the air quality and will affect the health of people breathing it in. All the store would have to do is replace an air filter every month. Take a duster and clean off the top of the device too. Then once a year have a professional HVAC business take a look inside of it. It actually would make the HVAC unit run more efficiently than it currently does. Maybe their goal is to make every inch of the store dirty though.

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