I am considering all possibilities

I bought a bunch of wood from the Amish for my upstairs ceiling. My plan was to redo the ceiling and replace it all with wood. It would stop that ceiling from looking like it was going to fall down on me and it would look way better. What I did not take into consideration is that wood is pretty sensitive to air quality. Did you know that your indoor air quality affects your wood? You do not want your air quality levels either too moist or too dry. Lots of moisture in your indoor air quality causes mold, mildew and bacteria to form. Additionally bugs like centipedes and cockroaches head into your home. Not enough moisture is no good either. You tend to get bloody noses, chapped lips and dry skin. Nobody likes static shock or frizzy hair caused by dry air quality, either.  A lot of people use their HVAC systems to control the air quality in their home. Usually indoor air quality is monitored for health and skin issues. I have no major health or dry skin issues like psoriasis or eczema. So I did not think about my air quality. I just ran my heating and cooling device like normal. My indoor air quality must have been too dry because my wood ending up slitting. All of my brand new wood boards had big splits down them. They were all ruined and are not able to be used. I should have allowed more moisture in my air or gotten a humidifier. Now my wood is ruined and I am out a bunch of money.

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