There’s no need to worry

I am wondering if it is worth buying a portable air conditioner. I currently live up north where it only gets warm for about two months out of the year. Those two months are intense though. The heat is intense, but the humidity is really the kicker. The portable A/C device would be nice to have for work and to sleep with. I work entirely from home online. Those two months of summer are hard without a cooling system. My laptop naturally gives off heat. I then sweat to death my whole work week. It would be nice to have the air conditioner blowing on me and providing climate control. Then I could use the A/C at night. I can’t sleep when I am sweating to death. Opening my bedroom window and window fans don’t help. The fans tend to just move the already heated and stuffy air in the room. Needless to say, the air conditioner would get used a lot, but it just would only be used for a short period of time. Then the air conditioner would just sit unused for most of the year. Depending on the AC device, I am looking at a $300 investment. I don’t want to purchase it if it is not worth it. I also plan to move down south in a year. I know I will use it more then. But will it be worth hauling a $300 air conditioner when I could just buy a better air conditioner down there? The place I rent down there probably will come with central air conditioning.