The fans are cooling me down

I live in an area with extremely long, cold and snowy winter seasons. I have invested a fortune into a powerful furnace, which operates for approximately eight months out of the year. Because of having the house closed up tight, with the furnace blasting for the majority of the year, I look forward to the milder weather. I’m always anxious to open the windows and bring in some fresh air. I enjoy the relief from the excessive energy bills.  Our summer season is typically short, cool and damp. I have never felt the need to install a central cooling system into the house. A few box fans and portable air conditioners in the bedrooms gets us through the summer heat. This past summer, however, was unusually long, hot and humid. The outside weather warmed up in early April. With outside temperatures in the upper eighties, and ungodly humidity, the house was overheated and sticky. The electric fans didn’t provide much relief. I swear the inside of the house was a higher temperature than the outside air. While eating dinner or watching television in the evening, my whole family was covered in sweat and complaining. We all tried cool showers and drank lots of ice water. We also went to bed very early every night, in order to take advantage of the portable air conditioners. The small window units struggled to manage demand. My summer electric bills were extremely expensive, but there was no way we could sleep without the air conditioners blasting. Even with the air conditioner running at maximum capacity all night long, my bedroom wasn’t overly cool the slightest.

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