I did set my timer

I have always been a forgetful person. Even when I was younger, I often forgot names, dates, and times. As an adult, I have to keep a day planner updated at all times. I work in the HVAC industry, and I have an appointment book with my important information. It’s difficult to keep up with the different HVAC appointments, and my appointment book keeps everything organized. This morning, I went over to the beaches to perform a routine checkup on someone’s HVAC system. The ducting for the HVAC system was located in a crawl space under the house. In order to fix the ducting, I had to crawl around under the house. I emptied everything from my pockets first, because I didn’t want to lose anything under the house. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up my wallet, when I was finished checking on the HVAC system. I didn’t realize my wallet was missing, until I tried to purchase gas much later that afternoon. I searched all over the work truck, but I couldn’t find my wallet or my date planner. I had to contact all of my HVAC appointments, and ask them if they found my wallet. Luckily,everything was sitting in the exact same place as I had left it earlier that morning. It was right next to the HVAC unit from my first morning appointment. I drove back over to the beaches, to fetch my wallet and date planner.  I apologize for inconveniencing our customers in the late evening hours. They didn’t seem to mind, and they were happy to help me locate my missing items.

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