Servicing the electric heater

I am perhaps the least handy man on this planet.  I have successfully changed light bulbs. And once, I removed a broken rubber band from the vacuum cleaner.  But, that would be the extent of my mechanical resume. It doesn’t seem as though it should go this way either.  I come from manly man stock. My father was an airplane mechanic. Our only bonding experiences were formed over engine repairs as he yelled at me to keep the flashlight steady.  I should be better at fixing things but, that gene completely missed me. I can cook like crazy but can’t change my cars oil. I call people and they fix things. I kicked up the HVAC cooling unit the other day and nothing happened.  I figured I would at least have a look around so my wife and children wouldn’t ridicule my fix it skills. The air filter was fine, as was the power supply to the unit. I checked all the vents for obstructions and there were none. Outside to the condenser I went but not before I switched off the breaker in the fuse box.  I feel comfortable taking the cabinet off of the condenser but nothing else. I take the cabinet off periodically to clean out leaves and gook. When I saw the condenser was frozen, I wasn’t certain that was a bad thing. I actually don’t know exactly how the thing works. My neighbor walked over to inform me that a frozen condenser is a sign of low refrigerant.  I took him at his word. So, I did what I always do. I called someone and this time it was to my certified HVAC tech. I know they can fix it because I sure can’t.

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