A househuold humidifier

I am through paying these exorbitant energy prices without some kind of fight.  No more Mr. Open Checkbook. I’m doing something about it. I called my HVAC guy to get some advice.  He gave me a list of things to think about. I also made an appointment for him to come out and do some preventive maintenance on my entire HVAC system.  Unfortunately, I got out of the habit of scheduling seasonal service on the HVAC unit. I wasn’t really trying to save money as much as I was simply forgetful.  Before the HVAC guy came out, I spent a weekend doing what I could on my own to cut the HVAC heating and cooling costs. I started with weather stripping and insulating foam around my doors and windows.  Sealing up these air escape routes was way overdue. I went up to the roof to continue my sealing binge. The flashing around the chimney needed sealing. So did the vents from the bathrooms and kitchen. I then went to the attic to seal around the perimeter and add a bit more R 60 insulation.  I was somewhat surprised by how many air leaks I found in the attic, but I’m pretty sure I got them all. Before leaving the attic, I was pleased to see the ducts were sealed and not sagging. Finally, I went inside my home and sealed up everything I could find. I siliconed around electrical outlets and light fixtures.  I even went out and installed a backdraft damper on the dryer exhaust vent. This way, it made it a one way air flow which kept the cold outside air from seeping in. After the HVAC tech tunes up the heating and cooling components, I feel like I’ve done all I can do. I’ll be happy to write a significantly lower check for utilities.

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