A new heater that works

My fiance and I just bought our first home, so naturally we’re short on cash but we want to make improvements right away. We’ve got a long list of ideas to make the house perfect for us, and every day it keeps getting longer. While the cosmetic changes are the ones which excite us the most, we’re trying to behave and do the ecomonical upgrades first. The idea is that by making the changes which will help the home be more energy efficient, we can save money that we can put to the rest of our to-do list. While our HVAC system is in great shape, the old thermostats had to go. We have one on each floor, and they’re the old disc variety. While we want the nicest ones possible, our budget can only go so far. So, we settled on a programmable thermostat. These devices allow my fiance and I to put in our schedules to the system, and it provides heating and cooling as it’s been told to. Starting at only $25, a programmable thermostat is a lot more cost effective for us than a smart thermostat. Sure, we don’t get the ability to control it from our smart phones. However, the programmable thermostat does exactly what we want it to do–it helps to save us money. Our local heating and air conditioning supplier was great about walking us through all the settings during the installation so we can make the most out of this upgrade to our heating and AC system. It’s only been two months since we’ve replaced the thermostat, and already we’re seeing lower bills.

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