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My pal Mark once a year adds another tattoo to his chest. Once every year Mark attempts to convince myself and others to get 1, Mark thinks I will see the process plus really want 1. They put tattoos on with a needle! Also they are stuck there forever. It is just not for me, and however, last year I did go with Mark plus sit there with him. I have to say I was surprised by the tattoo shop. I was picturing a real seedy place with gross floors plus broken lights. Tattoo parlors are way prettier than I provided them credit for. Mark’s place was real clean plus it had a ton of current equipment in there. There were brand new smart thermostat for making temperature changes plus I even saw a ductless mini cut on the wall, but ductless Heating & A/C units are sweeping the nation. They are way better than forced air since duct free Heating & A/C tends to be cleaner. The ductless device can be hooked with an air cleaner to keep the air quality fresh. Next, ductless heating plus cooling tends to be not as loud. You don’t have to deal with the loud ducts, not only was the air quality fresher, it was real nice. I expected no style of Heating & A/C, or maybe too much. Tattoo places seem like a location that would blast A/C like a dentist’s office. Instead I was happily surprised by the perfect temperature control in the location.

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