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I live in the southern part of the united states in an area surrounded by water.  Even if you decide to live a little more inland, you more likely than not are at least near water basins for rivers or in the straight up swampland.  I moved to a new rental house and the air conditioner here isn’t as efficient with removing the humidity from the air while it runs as my old one was.  I don’t like having my skin feel sticky–it’s disgusting. I decided to break down and buy a dehumidifier. My local hardware store sells them in three sizes according to how much water they remove from the air every day:  35 pint, 50 pint, and 70 pint. I have a fairly large house with three separate bedrooms so I broke down and bought the 70 pint machine. I turned it on and within an hour already noticed a massive amount of water collecting in the reservoir bucket.  I spent the next few days liberally emptying the dehumidifier when I realized it wasn’t making a huge difference with how dry the air felt throughout the entire house; it felt a little dryer in the living room near the spot where I have it plugged in, but not so much anywhere else.  I decided to buy a 35 pint machine to supplement my current one and set up the new one somewhere on the opposite side of the house. I then ran drip lines from both machines to indoor drains. After a week of steadily running both machines, I finally feel a considerable improvement and both read my humidity level as 40% when they have been on for an hour or two at a time.  It isn’t the cheapest solution, but it will get me through the sticky summer blaze until I can move to a better house.

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