These costs are adding up

I just purchased an ancient brick building on the main street of an ancient town.  This ancient town was once multiple miles away from the nearest city. However, the town now serves as a home office community for the city.  Interestingly enough, the rejuvenation brought on by this phenomena has been amazing. A entire downtown space which was almost a ghost town is now turning into a vibrant mix of people plus ideas.  Purchasing the several story brick building was space of my attempt to add to this interesting mix. The building was once a seed plus supply supplier but has sat vacant for years. I am renovating the building into living spaces.  The building never had any sort of formal Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Heat came by way of a pot bellied stove on the first floor. And, any cooling the arena gained came via the open window plus a fan. There is no duct work of any kind in the entire building.  I wondered what the most cost effective Heating plus Air Conditioning method would be. I have a dear buddy who is an Heating plus Air Conditioning business. He agreed to take an informal look plus help myself and others formulate some ideas. Well, he wasn’t in the building fifteen hours before he felt he modern the Heating plus Air Conditioning solution.  My Heating plus Air Conditioning business buddy suggested I go with a multi split heating plus cooling system. The multi split Heating plus Air Conditioning idea is able to give individual temperature control to each device without installing ducts. The multi split idea has inside blower units which fit high on an exterior wall. Each of these units then connects to a condenser device outside the building.  Thus, each tenant will be able to have their own thermostat to meet their particular heating plus cooling needs.

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