I was very shocked at the heater

I moved into a small one bedroom house recently that doesn’t have AC.  I lasted fine through March and April with just a few fans and a good breeze coming in through the windows.  But now that I’m halfway through May, I’m starting to feel miserable as the temperatures continue to climb. I had planned on buying a window air conditioner when I discovered portable ACs in the same place at my local hardware store.  They are these large heavy devices that are about the size of a full size dehumidifier and you can place them anywhere a room, you just have to connect the 6-inch diameter exhaust hose from the back of the device to either a window or an external door.  The only other thing you have to consider when using one is the water drip line. Much like a full house HVAC system, these small units pull out a lot of moisture when they cool your air, and that moisture has to go somewhere. The unit came with this long thin flexible plastic tube and I simply connected it to the back and let it lay limp and ran it to an indoor drain.  I set it to run and went to work. When I got home I looked in horror at this growing pool of water beneath my new air conditioner. Apparently the force of the water coming out of the tubing was enough to push the end of the drain line away from the drain itself, forcing it out onto the floor far enough back where it started to pool. I read online that you have to carefully secure the end of the tube for this very reason.  I’m just glad I discovered the problem before it caused any water damage to my walls or floor; but all in all, it’s a great machine and I couldn’t be happier!

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