I loved that description

I am 24 years old and I still live at home. A lot of people are shocked when they hear this. My point is, why would I ever leave? I am single and work entirely online. So I would have to get an apartment all on my own. I would need to pay rent, utilities and food. I also would need to do my own cooking, cleaning and laundry. What would stink even worse is doing home repairs. I have never done a home repair in my life. When the family HVAC system breaks down, my father repairs it. If we need a new air filter, HVAC part or even a simple HVAC tune up, my father again is the one to handle it. If I was in an apartment by myself, I would need to do it. I would have to deduce HVAC repairs and try to fix it. I also would need to pay somebody to fix and service my heating and cooling unit. I make good money working online, but not what my parents make. So, in the Winter, I would have to be careful with the heating. In the Summer, I probably could not afford to run the air conditioning. At my parent’s house, if I am cold, I turn on the heater. In the Summer, I don’t suffer without any air conditioning. My parents refuse to not be comfortable. I get free everything and quality HVAC along with it. Why would I ever leave the nest to a worse life? I plant to stay with them until they boot me out.

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