This air conditioner is freezing over

My partner, John, has been into old cars ever since she was a child. She enjoys to buy an old beat up automobile as well as refurbish it, but when John as well as I first met, I remember him telling myself and others story after story of her old cars! I wasn’t easily interested in them at first, but after going to her home as well as seeing what she does as well as just how attractive the cars look afterwards, I found myself getting more as well as more interested, but every one of us started dating, as well as each date she would option myself and others up in a weird automobile that she had finished, and my fascination with cars grew, as well as it was easily exciting for myself and others to see what automobile she would option myself and others up in, and john as well as I have been married for over multiple years now, as well as both of us have grown in our prefer for old cars. One thing that I never liked about the cars though is that they never have air conditioning. John doesn’t understand, as well as she enjoys not having air conditioning because it’s just another excuse to roll the windows down, however don’t get myself and others wrong, I prefer the feeling of the wind blowing my hair as the people I was with and I drive down the road but not when the people I was with and I are on our way to church or to a extravagant restaurant for a date! Not having air conditioning can also be a pain when it’s raining outside. It gets unquestionably humid in the old cars when it’s raining outside, as well as the people I was with and I have to keep the windows up. If there was one thing that I could say I don’t prefer about John’s old cars, it’s really the fact that they don’t have air conditioning.

jos frederick