I noticed how low the settings are

My hubby, John, has been into aged cars ever since he was a child! He likes to buy an aged beat up car plus refurbish it, then when John plus I first met, I remember him telling me story after story of his aged cars; I wasn’t easily interested in them at first, but after going to his beach house plus seeing what he does plus just how appealing the cars look afterwards, I found myself getting more plus more interested… All of us started dating, plus each date he would pick me up in a unusual car that he had finished, my fascination with cars grew, plus it was easily exciting for me to see what car he would pick me up in. John plus I have been married for over several years now, plus both of us have grown in our appreciate for aged cars. One thing that I never liked about the cars though is that they never have a/c. John doesn’t understand, plus he enjoys not having a/c because it’s just another excuse to roll the windows down, and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the feeling of the wind blowing our hair as we drive down the road but not when we are on our way to church or to a upscale eating establishment for a date! Not having a/c can also be a pain when it’s raining outside. It gets truly humid in the aged cars when it’s raining outside, plus we have to keep the windows up. If there was one thing that I could say I don’t enjoy about John’s aged cars, it’s particularly the fact that they don’t have a/c.

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