An efficient heater

Now that I am retired, I need to pick up a hobby. I tried golfing and hated it. I ended up sweating through my clothes, pissed off and really sore. I have tried bowling, bird watching and all the other typical man hobbies. I am going with a new tactic this time. I think I might try something more art related. Maybe I can make furniture, make pottery or paint. Either way, I have a whole room set up to be my hobby room. I am more excited about the room than what I am actually going to do in it. I already have brand new wood floors setup. I also painted the walls and put in new windows. The best upgrade is that I got a ductless mini split for the room. Our home uses central HVAC and the ductwork stretches throughout the house. I closed off the room’s air vent and set up a ductless HVAC unit. I can control the heating and cooling just for that one room. So if I decide to work out in there, I can have AC on high. If I decide I want to paint, I will probably use the heater most of the time. What I also did was get a smart thermostat set up with the ductless unit. Right from my phone I can turn on and off the HVAC. I also can set times for the thermostat to turn the HVAC on. I even can control fan speed, humidity levels and be layered on issues with the air quality. I really am excited to use the HVAC.

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