Playing at some weird venues

From the time I was eight-years-old, I took multiple lessons a week to learn to play guitar, piano, drums and bass.  Music is far more than a hobby for me. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I joined my first band when I was thirteen, and I’ve played at birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties, bars, clubs, and large concert halls.  I am currently a member of three different bands, which keeps me busy with constant practices and performances. We typically play at local bars and clubs, which has its drawbacks. Hauling and setting up a ton of instruments and gear is time-consuming and exhausting.  We play the majority of gigs during the summer, and the heat and humidity is a problem. Most of the local venues don’t have adequate air conditioning to handle the crowds. They typically choose to open windows and doors, rather than pay the energy bill to run the cooling system.  With a ton of people crowded into a tight space, the lights and heat from equipment, the air gets super hot, sticky and stuffy. A few open windows isn’t enough. I would think that closing up the place and running a modern, energy efficient air conditioning system would be cost effective.   People would be comfortable, stay longer, and spend more money. My bands have gotten to the point where we ask what kind of cooling system the venue has before we commit to the job. While we’re willing to play the places that are unwilling to run the air conditioner, we know to bring along some box fans and a cooler full of cold water.  We’re prepared to sweat profusely and be exhausted by the end of our set.

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