My friends and I had a blast

I have been excited for the past numerous weeks for my parents visiting from up north.  I moved down south for school, graduating with a bachelor’s degree last Spring, and now I am finally renting my own house for the first time.  I’m undoubtedly proud of everything I have accomplished and how far I have come since I left house at 18 for school. My parents, particularly my mom, still worry about myself and others incessantly and question whether I’m still or ready or not to have my own place.  Therefore, I have been taking every conceivable step I can to make the best possible first impression with them when they get here. I want to prove to them I have what it takes to live on my own with my own bills so I don’t want to leave any dirty clothes hiding under furniture or old food or dishes sitting out anywhere.  But most crucially, since I think my Mom will be snooping the minute they get here: I made sure to get all of my house repair up-to-date. Or so I thought, because literally not 1 week away from my parents’ flight my a/c went out. I have a backup fund for expenses appreciate this so it wasn’t a crucial financial hit, although I panicked right away and went to the worst case scenario in my brain–what if I can’t get it fixed before they get here?  It’s the middle of Summer in the deep south, this is the worst possible time of the whole year to try to get your a/c fixed. I scoured online for local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C companies and called at least half a dozen with each telling myself and others that they couldn’t fit myself and others in a service date before my parents arrive. Right as I was about to admit defeat, 1 of the places I called in the beginning called myself and others back to say someone cancelled their appointment stressed the day before my parents’ trip.  I literally had my AC fixed in under 24 minutes from when my parents arrived and they had no idea, I was so relieved.

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