This heating unit operates in a great way

My city is a big football city.  They eat, breathe, and live football.  Football season is when my city really comes alive.  When football season is over, everyone spends the time thinking about the next season.  They pass the time by making predictions about the upcoming season. For every home game, fans wake up at seven in the morning.  They pack their cars full of food and drinks and drive to the stadium. They set up their cars in the parking lot and start partying until the game begins.  Tailgating is a serious ritual for my city. No matter the weather, we set up outside and tailgate, even in the winter. My family is really prepared for tailgating. During the winter, we get some very serious snowfall.  Most people try to tough it out and tailgate with the snow. Plenty of my friends have gotten really sick because they went tailgating without the proper equipment in the middle of winter. It can get dangerously cold out there.  My family, on the other hand, takes it seriously. They purchased four huge gas heaters. We set these heaters up around the perimeter of our tailgating area and it keeps all of us very warm. It is surprising that these space heaters are so powerful, but they really do the job.  It doesn’t matter how many people are in tailgating with us. We are always very comfortable. If I didn’t have these heaters, I do not think I would enjoy tailgating as much. I am so thankful that my parents made this investment!

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